The United States is still gluing

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Led 2-1 after the loss in the second women’s singles, the Americans tied again, this time thanks to Brandon Holt, who left no chance to Robin Cocouvi (6-2, 6-4).


“It was a complicated match. I am very disappointed. He was stronger. I did not serve well, it did not help me. “Robin Cocouvi was pretty down at the end of the court, marked by a match where he has not really had opportunities. “I played badly early in the game. At the beginning of the second set, I break on a winning let, regretted the player of just 21 years. I tried to relax and change strategy, to climb in several times, to do volley-services, it has a little disturbed but not enough. ”


Brandon Holt, for one, was initially satisfied to have tamed the court, all in a good atmosphere. “Whatever the score or the state of the match, the atmosphere was very nice. It was not an easy match. The court is rather fast, the French players know it better than us, but I managed to adapt. He then projected himself on the decisive doubles, with assertive assurance: “I am very, very confident,” he said without flinching.


Both teams are back to back again when tackling doubles. The French female pair Alice Bacquie / Mallaury Christmas will now try to tip France in the lead, in a meeting still as indecisive.


Grégory Monnot