The balance sheet of the second day

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Daily point :

In the second match between Great Britain and China, the second set begins. Hawkins slams a stolen service. Xu returns the ball in a little academic way, surprised. His ball hits the net, destabilizing Hawkins. Hawkins then returns as he can. The Chinese is not opportunistic enough, which allows the British to conclude with a magnificent volley. A nice way to start the second set.


The match of the day:

Undeniably, the match of the day opposed Germany to the United States. As the day before, Americans were scared. Led 1-0, then 2-1 once the two single ladies played, they got into the second men’s singles. And then there was the double. The flagship discipline of the United States. Unbeatable. The match between the girls has been tight. The Germans have thought to be able to create surprise, doubting the American female pair (Shibahara and Lahey). The experience paid off. And the United States, seven-time winners of the tournament won. The fourth point marked by men was only a formality. They will face in the final the British, easy winners of the Chinese.


Players of the day:

Two players are distinguished by their exemplarity on and off the court. They won all their matches. And are ubiquitous in the stands when their teammates play. The first is American. The second is British. Tomorrow is the final between the United States and Great Britain. For Team USA, Martin Redlicki leads his team masterfully. The left-handed slender uses his power to knock down his opponents one by one. For Great Britain, Jonny O’Mara is irreproachable: two victories in singles, songs and applause for her partners. Their duel in the final already promises to spark.


The picture of the day:

After their inaugural defeat against the United States, the French had to raise their heads. They succeeded brilliantly by winning 4-0 against Belgium. The score is wider than that of their Davis Cup victors (3-2) against their Belgian neighbors on 26 November. Imperial on the fly, the couple Mallaurie Noël – Julien Eon perfectly illustrates the French solidarity in this confrontation.