The balance sheet of the first day

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The picture of the day

In the style of their glorious seniors Bryan brothers, Brandon Holt and Martin Redlicki celebrate the victory of the United States over France in the quarterfinals after a day hooked. The title holders will meet, on Saturday, the victorious Germany of Belgium.


Daily point

In the second match between Great Britain and Ireland, Jack Findel Hawkins and Simon Carr offered a fine point. On a forehand shot of the Irishman, the ball hits the band of the net and go to the British side. Hawkins, on the net, is surprised, but manages to take back the bale by dosing what is needed to put it back in the camp of his opponent. Carr is too short to give power. The ball ends up in the net, Hawkins can exult.


The reactions of the day

The United States are still in the race to retain their title after their victory over the France team. This is the happiness of Americans:


Brandon Holt: “I am very happy. This is my first participation. We spent a lot of energy. It was a really tough day with some games hanging on. It was important to win this match because it allows us to qualify. France was a tough opponent, very difficult to maneuver. What made the difference, in my opinion, is the encouragement of our team on the bench. There is really a great deal in our group. We all know each other very well. We can be proud of ourselves because we managed to eliminate the host country of the competition. It’s a beautiful performance. ”


Melissa Schaub: “It was difficult today. We were prepared for a complicated opposition against the host country of the tournament. France played very well. So it’s great to have won. We can be proud of our doubles, we knew it was our strength. They managed to erase the defeats conceded in single ladies. We can be proud of ourselves. For a match against one of the best teams in the tournament, I am satisfied. I hope we will progress from match to match to go as far as possible in this tournament. ”


The surprise of the day: the Russian berezina.

“We were not ready mentally and physically. In a nutshell, Russian coach Alexander Yelfimov summed up Russia’s Friday. Exceeded by the Chinese, those who were seeded No. 2 fell heavily 7-0. All in all, Russia won only one set in four games, thanks to Julia Kapitanova against Jiaxi Lu. “A very negative result for Alexander Yelfimov. Last year, we were in the final … “