Sport students 0n the base line

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The residents of the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education at the University of Lille 2 participate in the organization of the Master’U BNP Paribas for the second year.
Closer to the athletes, they are the guarantors of the smooth running of the tournament.

They take care of everything, or almost everything. Forty students of science and technics of physical activity and sport (STAPS) participate in the organization of the Master’U BNP Paribas, in cooperation with the University Sports Regional Commitee, principal organizer, and the Hauts-de-France tennis league. Students in Master Management, Nicolas, Marine and Théo are the three project managers. It is up to them to put the teams in place, and to coordinate the tasks. “Our first mission is to recruit volunteers,” explains Nicolas. We publish a presentation on the mail of the students of the faculty, and they register. Then, we meet several times to prepare the event from a strategic point of view. From logistics to transport to restaurants, there are many activities. “With one year of experience, we know. We take care of it for a month, punctually, outside of class. ”

To the care

Then the last week, they spend their days there, to prepare everything. Between Monday and Thursday, work is essentially based on logistics. “We install the signage, the logos of the partners, we set up the grounds. On Thursday, the day before the tournament, everything must be ready. Then begins the accompaniment of the delegations. Eight nations and forty-eight athletes (link to the presentation of Grégory), not counting the members of the staff, are present. “We have to ensure transportation between the station and the hotel when they arrive, and between the tournament venue and the hotel,” says Théo. We have made available to each nation a bilingual student, who follows it throughout the event. They are our relay to the delegations. We must answer all requests, even last minute. Once the tournament has started, most of the work is over. “We only control that everything goes well. We are in support, if the players have needs. The goal is that there is always someone on the zone, while others do the transport. If all goes well, the forty students will have at the end of the week validated their Master’U BNP Paribas.

Adrien Toulisse