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The racket and the economy … The two passions that animate the life of Demian Raab.


In early 2016, Demian Raab was still on the ATP circuit alongside the best players in the world. A serious hip injury broke his professional career. His love of tennis remains intact. But he now shares it with his studies.


May 2016. The sun shines on Hamburg. Demian Raab goes to training. Walk. Like he usually does. He crosses the passage-studded … When a car hits him. “I was thrown a few meters,” he says calmly. Fortunately, I did not have anything broken. But since then, I have hip problems. ”

Finish the ATP tournaments. Demian will never rub the older ones. The German can do a cross on his professional career. With emotion, he remembers the difficult days following his accident: “I cried for two or three days in a row. Because tennis has been my life forever. I went to class but tennis was the most important thing. ”

At twenty-four, the Hamburger has already spent a quarter of a century on the tennis courts. This passion for this sport comes from his very sporty family. “My parents met on a tennis court in a mixed tournament. A year later they were together. They had my brother who immediately played tennis. I came after, and I immediately wanted to imitate him. ”

The German is talented. In all positions, he draws. Fast and powerful, his reverse is wonderful. He quickly became famous in his country. “When I was 9 years old I was # 3 in my category in Germany. I participated in the national championships, and when you’re a child you know, you always want to progress. ”


From Roger Federer to Karl Marx

Professional tennis doors open to him. In July 2014, he participates in his first ATP tournament. His home. In Hamburg. He meets his idol, Roger Federer. He remembers, and the stars reappear in his eyes: “When I was young I met Tommy Haas, and since Haas is friends with Federer, I could see him in Hamburg …. It was a dream, it was great! ”

Because of his injury, Demian is content today with the university level. This year, he is taking part in his second Master’U BNP Paribas, in France. A competition and a country he loves. “It’s a huge chance to evolve here. The students really have a good level. In addition, I did eight years of French! I passed the bac in French (he says it in French). ”

Without realizing it, he discovers another facet of his sport: team play. “Before when I played, it was just for me. I was just thinking of myself. Here you play for the team. I never sat down to watch other people’s game. Now, I come to encourage. ”

In Marcq-en-Barœul, the matches are spread all day long. When his team no longer plays, he swaps the racket for the books. “The BNP Paribas Master’U is really a great opportunity. You can play sports and, at the same time, have time to study. ”

His speciality ? Economic and social sciences. A Karl Marx book in hand, the German is in the final year of study. “I’m writing my memoir at home. It’s about the costing of service providers. I do that for the engineers. ”

At the exit of the university, direction the world of work. A new twist in his life. Let him approach with serenity. “I have good offers in boxes of engineers. I will take care of the finances of a company. While continuing the tennis! ”


Pass on your passion

Professional tennis, university or entrepreneurial … For Denian, it’s the same story. He wants to play. But above all, to heal. “Of course I would like to be able to play tennis as long as I can, but I have to fix my hip problems first. Maybe I’ll be operated like that I can play this wonderful sport all my life! ”

The Hamburger knows it: he will never find his level of yesteryear. Yet he is willing to share his experience with the younger ones. With enthusiasm. “I learned to play tennis with great people, for me it’s really very important to transmit. There is a kid in my town, her mother asked me to help her. So I do it when I come home. And it is with great pleasure. ”

Demian and tennis is an endless story. From near or far, the German remains very attached to this sport. His sport. “Whatever happens I want to stay in touch with tennis. It’s my life, it’s my passion. I think that, whatever happens, I will always come back to it. ”


Roxanne Lacuska and Clément Commolet.