Noah, cheese and Manau: what the world thinks of us

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Germans, Americans, Belgians, Britons, Chinese, Irish and Russians … Teams from all over the world spend their weekends in France. The opportunity to ask them what images they have of our country.




Demian Raab (Germany):

1) His shots on France: “The Eiffel Tower, of course! There is also food, especially your cheese. ”

2) His known French: “Emmanuel Macron, the new president of France. He likes Angela Merkel (laughs). ”


Martin Redlicki (United States):

1) “France is good food, cheese, baguette, croissant. In addition, the French are stylish and dress very well! ”

2) “Gael Monfils! In addition to being very good, he is flashy and makes the show. Otherwise, there is Daft Punk, I love their music. ”


Louis Cant (Belgium):

1) “Paris and its romanticism. The French are very classy, ​​they have style. In addition, they drink good red wine, with meat. I have been to Paris several times, I love France. ”

2) “I admire Yannick Noah, who won the Davis Cup again. In music, France has good hip-hop bands, like Manau with the Dana Tribe. We must learn their song in high school. ”


Jonathon O’Mara (Great Britain):

1) “The French love mushrooms. Me, I hate. I play League in Paris and I already tasted, I did not like. ”

2) “Yannick Noah, because he’s a great tennis man. In addition he just won the Davis Cup and I love his songs. ”


Meiqi Wu (China):

1) “The first thing I think about is the Eiffel Tower. After, the French are romantic. The truth is even more beautiful than our hopes. ”

2) “We love Gael Monfils and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga. Ah, and there is also David Goffin. How is he Belgian? ”


Jane Fennelly (Ireland):

1) “I like French breakfast with pastries. In addition, you are elegant and very well dressed! ”

2) “I still have not digested the hand of Thierry Henry against us …” (in the barrage of the World Cup 2010, ed)


Roman Kudryashov and Veronika Filonova (Russia):

1) “France, it’s like Paris, romanticism, and then Roland-Garros! There is also the mountain, you do a lot of skiing. ”

2) “Gerard Depardieu. He plays very well in Cyrano de Bergerac. But we also think of impressionist painters, like Claude Monet, or even Napoleon! ”


and … Clémence Fayol (France):

His clichés about the vision of France abroad: “We are seen as grumblers, who mentally crack all the time in difficult times. The image of France is the food, the cheese, the sausage … ”

His famous French: “In tennis, the two best known, it must be Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and Gael Monfils. Otherwise, it’s Johnny Hallyday! (Singer of origin … belgian!)


Baptiste Allaire and Clément Commolet