Julia Thiem, tennis as a hobby

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Among the players of the Master’U BNP Paribas, some players are ranked on the world circuit. A ranking is not always a sign of recognition. Example with the German Julia Thiem.

The world circuit does not mean  the millions and glitter for everyone. Julie Thiem is well placed to talk about it. There is a world between the 999th world and Angelique Kerber, his countryman number 1 at the WTA. A comparison of the sums earned on the circuit proves the extent of the abyss. More than $ 19 million for the champion of the US Open, $ 3498 for the participant in the Master’U with the team of Germany which plays, Saturday, its place in the final against the United States. Financial difficulties that limit prospects for great achievements. “I do not have the money to play a lot of tournaments, I have to concentrate on the few tournaments that take place near my home” summarizes the citizen of Munich. Traveling expenses at his own expense, no physiotherapist: it is difficult to collect points under these conditions. A heartbreaker for the top 500. Dedicated by her federation, she fully enjoys her selection on this Master’U. “Playing an international tournament, as a team, it’s really special, a great pride”, savors this 26-year-old player.

Professor, thesis and tennis

And if her tennis gains do not allow him to live, she must find a source of income. She teaches at a school in Munich. In parallel with her great project: her thesis of medicine. “Tennis is my only hobby” analyzes the Munich citizen. The student’s schedule at the Louis und Maximillian Universität is very busy. “Every day, I am four hours on my thesis, three in tennis. Not really time to rest. But no preference, for one who admires Roger Federer, is “50-50” between her two occupations. The sport allows her to live moments high in emotions. She thinks again with a smile at what she considers her best moment. “In the German second division championship, I managed to beat a player who was  relegated from the first division not a long time ago. It was exceptional! Moments like this can not be bought.