In search of the lost eye

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_mg_606111:50. The two youngest referees of the tournament are in full interview in an office away from the matches. Suddenly a knock on the door, a giant tennis player appears. It is Hugo, one of ┬áthe two mascots of the competition. He is looking for his lost eye. The investigation mobilizes a good part of the team. “That was the main goal for 50 people,” laughs the puppet.

It is he who finds the right plastic eye waiting under a pile of clothes. The mascot can blow, finally: “I worked a little without my eye. It was hard. But Theo, the 22-year-old man hiding under Hugo’s costume, does not complain. Clearly this day amuses him very much: “It is the dreamed journey for all,” he exclaims. This is the culmination of my life! By dint of work, I got my grail. Theo seems occupied by his task.

Even if his goal is to support the French team, it is almost impossible to make him talk about tennis. “I played a little and I quickly realized that I did not have an exceptional level. This allowed me to refocus on the essentials. I bet everything on animation. As soon as these words were pronounced, Theo put on his mask. He is again Hugo and goes off to take a crowd with the children.