Great Britain: The after day

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“Of course, it’s easier to recover after a win but the previous match was very tough,” said Alistair Higham, the coach of the British team. On Friday, it put an end to the French dream of final victory after a seventh game concluded at the end of the night, this Saturday, Great Britain faces Russia in the semi-finals of the Master’U.” We must try to fall on our feet as quickly as possible even during a match like the one against France,” . In fact, from the double gentlemen (won by France) we started looking for a way to get back to the hotel as soon as possible.”

Useful precautions since the mixed double took his team to the super tie-break at the end of which they were able to leave the club as quickly as possible. Jonny Binding, who participated in this final meeting, tells about the return to the hotel. “The night was very short, we came back quite late. We ate as much as possible and then after a slight debrief, we went to bed. It must have been midnight.”

Alistair Higham is very pleased with the plan that have been put in place to help his team to recover at best. “The organization is fantastic. We were able to get back to the hotel fairly quickly, eat healthy food and even have a physio. If we did not have access to all of these facilities, we should have eaten at a fast food restaurant which is not the best place to prepare the day after.”

After such a complicated victory, confidence is established in the British camp. “Today we aim to win the tournament,” said the coach. Jonny Binding hopes that he will not once again have to save the crown: “Yesterday was fantastic for me but I’m sure that guys will do the job and that I will not need to play the doubles.” No chance, he had to enter the court to tight at 3-3, which meant a new match to the end of the night.