Game, set and mixed!

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The mixed duo between France and Great Britain on Friday is considered one of the most beautiful of the last years at the Master’U. The duo Louis LECHEVRETEL and Alice BACQUIE knew to find their marks in spite of a defeat to the super tie-break.
“We get along well, our games were well completed yesterday. Happy after the performance with Louis, Alice has no regrets after yesterday’s defeat. “We gave it all, it’s a good experience. “An experience that remains special and different from other matches for Louis:” We do not get the same ball and the service is lower. The scarcity of its mixed doubles also makes it difficult to adapt. “It was my first mixed” and Alice played her “second after last year. “Then we have to find the right pair and for Cyrille MONET, one of the coaches of the French team the choice is made” on the girl who is not afraid. ”

Not so simple to be a girl
“The first thing the coaches told me was to have no pity for the girl! “Louis is unequivocal about the instructions received a few minutes before the decisive encounter. It is true that the daughter of the pair is faced with boys who serve up to 20 km / h more and hit much harder. “Returning a boy’s service is unplayable,” adds Alice to explain the difficulty in the exercise.
Another problem ? The return of the female service: “The boy takes all the place in the net, it seems that he is everywhere, it is difficult to know where to play. However, the French woman did more than compete and it was through her spirit “without fear” that she played her eyes in the eyes with Jonny Binding her male opponent of the day.
The mixed doubles offer a multitude of opportunities to see a different tennis and the meeting last night is for the coach MONET “one of the most beautiful for a decade, both teams played perfectly. “