From the yellow ball to the round ball, some thoughts on the draw for the 2018 World Cup

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While Russia fell in the face of China in Marcq-en-Barœul on Friday, football fans had their eyes turned to Moscow and the draw for the 2018 World Cup. Five countries participating in the Master’U BNP Paribas will also be playing this summer in Russia, the host country of the competition. The final table did not leave the participants indifferent.


Robin Cocouvi, France
“Certainly on the draw, the French football team was luckier than the French tennis team of this tournament. But at the same time, if we had wanted to go to the end of the competition, we would have had to beat the Americans at some point. The French football team will also have to beat the big teams if they want to go to the end. So in the end, it does not change much. The rest of the competition will not be easy, especially if they fall on Argentina.

Of course I will follow her this World Cup. Even though I am tennis player, I watch other sports. I had pretty much followed Euro 2016 for example. I watch football a lot because I live in Paris. I am a supporter of PSG, I sometimes go to the stadium. Better avoid telling me about the rise of the shot. ”


Jonathon O’Mara, Great Britain
“We are the Great Britain team, so even though I’m Scottish, I followed England’s draw. I will support it and have been. It’s a good draw. We play against Belgium. I think we’ll go to the semi-final. And I think France will win the World Cup. ”


Lise Brulmans, Belgium
“It’s a good draw for us. We will qualify easily. Easily! We have very good players. I think we’re going to the quarterfinals. ”


Interview by Clément Comolet, Antoine Decarme and Juliette Michenaud