France, team spirit

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The French university team hopes to do better this year than last year in the Master’U BNP Paribas (with a fifth place). For this, new players, but also experience. The first meeting in the quarter-final is already crucial: it is a shock against the United States, title holder. Overview with coaches Cyrille Monet and Jean-Marc Lagloire.

Clémence Fayol
“It’s the brain of the team. She is very discreet and thoughtful. She is studying sociology. On the court, she has a laser forehand and she sends wood! ”

Louis Dussin
It’s the discovery. He is 18 but he has the level to be present here. We have to start at a certain moment, and this is his moment. It’s a bet on the future. ”

Mallaurie Noël
“We’ve been waiting for a long time!
This is her first U Master. She is our highest ranked player, who has progressed very well over the last two years. She can be our strong link in girls. ”

Robin Cocouvi
“He is the attacker of the team. It’s the volleyball player by definition, he does it very often. In addition it is very nice for group life. ”

Alice Bacquie
“It’s our dean. She is in her fourth master. She brings us her experience in our team. She knows the values ​​of university sport and is very attached to it. ”

Julien Éon
“It’s called Ace-Man. He serves very hard, he’s a brute (laugh). He practices an offensive tennis, all in power. In group life it’s a teaser, which is very important during the weekend. ”


The player to follow: Mallaurie Noël
The 23-year-old Vendéenne is the highest ranked player in the French group, and has already represented her region at the French championship at Roland-Garros. She is also the cousin of another tennis player, Pauline Parmentier, but she has already made her way to the sun, winning at the beginning of the year the Engie Open of Mâcon. This is his first title among professionals. At the end of 2017, she has never been so high in the WTA rankings. Mallaurie Christmas could well afford a nice gift to end the year.