France ended up cracking

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After a long face-to-face, the France team has surrendered against the United States in the quarterfinals. The pair Holt-Redlincki beat 6-3 6-3 Julien Eon and Louis Dussin. The French played their chance, but the Americans were too strong. The title holders are heading towards the semifinals.


“We have no real regret. They did the best they could, they fought well. “Moments after the defeat, Jean-Marc Lagloire, coach of the France team, does not want to overwhelm his players. On the contrary, he is even proud of his players, but can only admit the superiority of the Americans. “They are better than us, especially doubles. In the way of playing, technically and tactically, they are more sharp. They are above on the service, on the fly. ”


Robin Cocouvi has lost his match in singles, and highlights his frustration. “There is disappointment, we do not lose 4-2 easily. There are only hung matches. In 2016, France had already lost in the quarter-final against Great Britain, after an epic scenario. Everything was played in the super tie-break of the last double, with 3 wins on each side. For the second consecutive year, the team of Cyrille Monet and Jean-Marc Lagloire is forced to aim for fifth place. “It’s been two years in a row that we do not have a good draw,” sighs Robin Cocouvi.


There are still two matches to play in this Master’U BNP Paribas. Tomorrow it will be Belgium. “It’s complicated to remobilize the troops after a match like that,” explains Jean-Marc Lagloire. We always aim at the top. Work tracks are already found. “We play a lot individually, but we cannot play doubles. “. It remains to build cohesion for the end of the competition.


Baptiste Allaire