Christopher Aumüller, the race against time

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Some apprentices tennismen have only one objective: to become professional. This was never the case of Christopher Aumüller, dean of the Master’U (28 years). Today, the player and assistant coach no longer has time to lose, even if the yellow ball is never far away.

” Really ? I’m the oldest Master? I did not even know ! Anyway, I think the age limit is 29 so… I’m still in the game. “The time, Christopher Aumüller doesn’t count it. He uses it as best he can. On the bench, on the court and in the locker room, the German folded in four for his team. A race that the dean started when he left high school, with a status of young tennis hope: “A good number of universities called me after my years in high school. There was Nebraska, well known for tennis. I soon fell in love with the place, I finished my bachelor, my master and even my doctorate there. ”
Successful studies with in the background a tennis career that never took off. Not necessarily because of a lack of level, but rather thanks to his pragmatism: “I never wanted to be a professional tennis player. I have always been realistic about it. I knew I was playing well, that I could beat the best players in my class. But I knew the sacrifices I had to make, and I do not regret my choice at all. ”

Mid German, Mid American

Faced with the United States in the semi-finals of the Master’U, Christopher Aumüller knows what to expect. Citizen American for 10 years, the coach-player does not have the heart balance, far from there: “I would have loved to beat them in the final. I know Greg (Patton) very well, their coach for the competition. I love my country, I’m 100% German, I do not want to see the US win (laughs), even if it’s my second home. Five-time winner of the competition, Team USA does not make Aumüller nervous. Not really surprising, he who has been under pressure for several months after the creation of a personal project: “Fan World”, Facebook university sports. Ambitious, without having this famous time to carry out all his activities: “Honestly, I do not have time to be both tennis player, responsible for a start-up and professor at the University. But if you’re passionate about something, you always find time. I love what I do, even if it works 15 hours a day. Life on the couch is not for me! “Not even 30 years, several lives have already crossed Christopher Müller. But he would have to have time to realize it.