Chine : Learning time

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Seventh in three editions, the Chinese team is clearly not the favorite of this edition. The goals of the captain: show that the Chinese school is competitive and continue to learn from the best university teams. The team will be led by Jiaxi Lu, ranked in the top 700 at the WTA for two years. Russia will stand in front of them for the first round. The team seen by Keifeng Zhao and Zhwei Zong


Keifeng Zhao: 

«She always everything, she’s very adaptable.»


Jiexue Zang

Keifeng Zhao: « Zang can rely on her power»


Meiqi Wu

Keifeng Zhao: «Wu has the abilities to do everything!»


Shuai Xu

Zhwei Zong : « Shuai is always very resolute”


Tianjia Guo

Zhwei Zwong : “Guo is very strong”


Yahui Nie

Zhwei Zong: Yahui is our very experienced leader.”


Player to watch out for: Jiaxi Lu

Only aged of 20, Jaxi Lu is already 684th world player. She will be spearhead of her team. “I am lucky to be here, It was hard to earn my way. So, I am very determinate, I hope to bring in for my team”. The right-hander will try to help China to do her best since the 6th place, in 2013.


The Staff

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