China has already won

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The weekend is successful: China is in the semifinals of the Master’U. Outsiders before entering the first round against Russia, the Asian representatives of the competition have won the first four rounds. A result as a reward for the work done.



“For us, whatever happens, it’s all won. Kaifeng Zhao is a relieved coach. The work of Chinese tennis is finally rewarded. Although opposed to a Russian team strongly diminished by absences, China has brilliantly imposed in the first round of Master’U BNP Paribas. The country is in the final four of the tournament for the first time since its appearance in the competition. “For people it’s still a surprise, but for us it’s not,” says Kaifeng Zhao, one of three coaches present at Marcq-en-BarÅ“ul this weekend. We are working hard to progress and reach this level. This result shows that what we put in place is paying off ”


In recent years, the organization of Chinese university tennis has taken a new turn. The association of universities in the country decided to support the team “with more force”. The selection system has become more difficult: a similar competition is organized between the different institutions. A kind of Chinese Master’U. The men’s and women’s teams who have made it up have been selected to defend the colors of China.


Britain: a mountain


Saturday, they will be opposed to Britain. “It’s a stronger team than us,” said Kaifeng Zhao, “but the feat is possible because we will not have much stress, given our status as outsiders. Before adding: “It would be exceptional to win tomorrow but if it is not the case, we will still have a lot of experience. One thing is certain, China’s university tennis has grown this weekend.