Britain in ambush

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The British easily qualified for the semifinals of the Maser’U BNP Paribas against Ireland. Complete and united, they are armed to do better than the third place of last year. For that, it will beat China on Saturday.


“Let’s go GB let’s go GB”. The furious encouragement of the British bench rocked throughout the four games, to show the solidarity of the formation. “We had great team spirit,” says coach Alistair Higham. I think the players are a real team. “Play, the British did it very well. They conceded no set, and only sixteen games in four playoff games. “Every player is really strong, admire Garry, one of the Irish coaches. This is important. In this competition, you do not need one or two spearheads, but depth. They have a very good indoor game, especially doubles. ”


“We are aiming for gold”

Indeed, the British double has won two medals at the world university, the Universiade of Taipei, this year. Silver for gentlemen and bronze for ladies. “We had a great summer. There are very good feelings inside all English university tennis. ”


Great Britain is ready to pass the third place reached last year. In addition to the strong Emma Hurst, she has joined Maïa Lumsten (602nd World) or Jonathon O’Mara (707th). “We must not close doors, we aim for gold” claims the player of 22 years. Before that, place to China, Russia’s winner, finalist last year. “We know they are getting stronger, but we will not have a particular strategy before the game,” said Alistair Higham. Our plan is always to look at tactics on the spot, at the edge of the field. And at that moment, one can possibly give some advice. If the game is as good as the shouts of encouragement, they will not be far from the final.


Adrien Toulisse