A young Ireland full of hope

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d20_1250 The team led by Jamie Pilkington is one of the modests teams of the competition. A status that the players assume … without departing defeatists. Eighth last year, seventh two years ago, still eighth three years ago … We can not say that the course of Ireland in this Master’U BNP Paribas is punctuated with success. And there’s something to be superstitious in the country of four-leaf clover: over the last three editions, the American ogre (seventh champion of the U master and title holder) presented himself twice in the quarter-finals. This is again the case this year. Still, Jamie Pilkington, the Irish coach does not admit being beaten: “This year, the goal is to finish sixth or fifth. A possible line even after a defeat against the United States. Indeed, a team eliminated in the quarterfinals remains in competition for the classification matches.Ireland’s ambitions are based on a young, very young workforce. In these world academics, it is the least experienced team, with an average age of 20 years. However, the talent is present, like the youngest of the competition, Simon Carr, 17 years old. With a fifth national ranking, the Dublin University student is not wasting his time and will carry the hope of a whole team on his shoulders. Among the women, Amy Bowtell has already won the status of women’s number 1 in her country, singles and doubles.

“We really have a little chance”

An investment which shows that Ireland is not there to make the figuration: six players lined up in Marcq-en-Barœul are among the top 10 of their nation. A very interesting talent pool for Jamie Pilkington, who hopes to create the feat: “I really think we have a little chance,” he promises. Everything will depend if we manage to make the feat on a match in singles. Amy Botwell can win and our hope, Simon Carr, can also do something. We have a pair of double who knows very well with Simon and Bjorn Thomson. If the coach tempers, Garry, his deputy, adds a touch of humor by playing on the effect of surprise: “If we have to, we will play in the back two singles! More seriously, we never had the opportunity to see our opponents play. We do not really know what to expect. “The players are sure of their strength, like Bjorn Thomson who predicts:” It will be 60/40 for Ireland!”  The bets are made, place to the game.